August 26, 2015

  • Advertise With Us

    Many have asked over the years if we are a non-profit.  No, we do not have that honor.

    We are, however, a for profit company with a philanthropic vision.   Our goal is to help individuals and organizations unite and share their message and journey with Autism.

    To make sure we are able to reach our vision, we operate by working with advertisers and sponsors to help provide the revenue to keep our website running and to produce future episodes of Autisable Live.

    With our previous website that was based on's proprietary platform, we were very limited on what ads would be displayed.   Many times our site displayed ads from companies that many of our over 50,000 readers didn't really support or care for, and some strongly disagreed with.   The reason for this was because those ads were primarily managed through google adsense.   In short, we had little to no control over who or what company promoted their products on our website.  We were also very limited on working and coordinating with advertisers on promotional campaigns via our website in blog posts or even social media updates.

    But with our upgrade, this has changed.

    Our primary goal when working with advertisers is to make sure that the company has a heart to help the Autism community.   If their intention is to serve the community as best they can, than we are willing to work with them.   If an advertiser is just wanting to promote through our channels to get sales and not really have a heart for the community, we will respectfully decline on working with them.

    We will encourage anyone to support our advertisers and sponsors, because we try our best to work with our advertisers to provide feedback on how they can help the autism community.  From blog posts sharing who our advertisers are, to online campaigns that include social media updates.

    With all this being said, if you own a business and are interested in advertising with us - please leave a comment.   Doing so will allow us to reach out to you with more information.

    We are regularly improving our website,  and will have a monthly newsletter, and we recently launched our web series.  We also are working with other companies and bloggers and organizations as a means to help promote Autism awareness, acceptance and understanding.

    Thank you for considering us.


    The Autisable Team

August 19, 2015

  • A Status Update


    A lot has been happening this past week, so here's a few updates to let you know what we've been up to...

    First, we're still on the job in cleaning up the content on the site.  Many articles we've highlighted over the years need to be cited correctly.  If we are unable to match up the authors/bloggers with an article, we will remove the article.   We want to make sure that we give credit were credit is due.

    After we make some significant progress on cleaning up the content on the site, and have some things set up, we will resume our efforts in sharing your stories.

    We mentioned previously that we will have a newsletter released soon to our bloggers and those who have worked with us over the past several years.   Our goal is to have this newsletter ready to release by the end of the month.  There's already been interest in future newsletters.   With this in mind we will eventually have a place for you to sign up for our monthly newsletters.  Stay tuned.

    If you haven't seen it already, we encourage you to watch our web series, "Autisable Live"  - check it out! (like/comment/share... spread the news!)

    We want to highlight artists and non-profits that encourage people to learn more about Autism and to get active in their local community.

    More information about our series in upcoming updates along with some more announcements, stay tuned!

    If you're on the following sites, please keep in touch with us as well!

    LinkedIn:  or

    Until our next update!

    The Autisable Team

August 14, 2015

  • Updates and Giveaways


    We are very excited about what is going on with Autisable, and what we will be doing.

    Right now Autisable is powered by wordpress technology, rather than's proprietary software.   This change is the reason we've been offline for awhile.

    As a by product of this change we're having to clean up some of the content, and add some features to the site so we can get back to doing what we did prior to the change: Sharing YOUR journey with Autism.

    There are two priorities for us while we are cleaning up the content on the site:

    1. A content management system (CMS).   Adding this feature to our site will allow us to pull everyone's stories together and help us manage what is shared on the site.
    2. Advertising plug in.   We already have two advertisers ready to work with us on Autisable - and we will be reaching out to even more.   Having an ad system that allows us to serve advertisers well will help us long term for obvious reasons.   Autisable has and will remain a for profit venture with a philanthropic vision towards the autism community.

    As we are working on these features, we want to keep things interesting.... after all, not everyone gets excited about technical updates to a website.

    We've been very honored over the past several years on working with Author's and publishing companies in promoting books that benefit the Autism community.

    Soon we will have some book giveaways!   Stay tuned here, or on our facebook page for when we do giveaways!

    - The Autisable Team


August 12, 2015

  • We Can't Thank You Enough

    We are taking a pause in our work load to thank you.

    We are incredibly grateful for all of your support in following us on our social media outlets for the past few years.  For liking, sharing, tweeting and retweeting our posts, etc...

    For the 10,764 followers on Twitter:  Thank you

    To the 2,112 Members on our group page on LinkedIn:  Thank You.

    To the 275 Followers on Instagram:  Thank You

    For the 350 followers on Pinterest:  Thank you

    and to the 6,643 folks who like our page on Facebook: Thank you

    And to the over 30,000+ individuals who have visited our site on a regular basis each month... we are glad to be back.


    The Autisable Team

August 11, 2015

  • It's the Same, but Only Different

    Over the past couple of years while our website was down, many of you asked if we still needed writers and contributing authors.

    The answer is, and always will be, yes!

    Since the site was originally launched, we have always aimed at sharing YOUR stories.   In fact, we've connected with over a couple of hundred bloggers in the Autism Community, and several dozen non-profits world-wide.   Each of these people and organizations are glad that they have more of a reach with their content on Autisable.   Some have actually tracked their increase in traffic/audience to their own site by over 30% because we highlighted them on Autisable.

    But we never felt like we did enough.   With our old system we always cited the original post, and pointed people to an account that was created on Autisable that the blogger/author could have point to their website/blog or even their social media accounts.   This is a bit antiquated and required more clicks on the reader to get to who the author really was.  Even just reading how we used to do it may result in having more questions.   This is one of the reasons why we are upgrading how we cite who or what organization is contributing on Autisable.

    We will be sending an e-mail soon to those we've worked with over the years to help us make sure we are pointing to their updated blog URL, and their social media accounts.   We will also be asking for a mini-bio of them so that when we highlight their blog, people can immediately see who the author is, and what they blog about.   For those who have worked with us in the past, we aim to utilize the same methods on obtaining content and scheduling them - but we want to help promote your blog or website better.

    For those who blog exclusively on Autisable, we are working on getting your blog back online as well.

    There's more that we will be doing to the website, but we first have to clean up the over 6,000 articles we've already highlighted and make sure we are ready for receiving advertisers.

    As we move forward, expect more updates.

    As always, thank you for your support and encouragement.


    The Autisable Team

August 5, 2015

  • Yesterday - our Website. Today, a Web Series...

    We are encouraged this week.   Not only have we relaunched our website, but we are now launching our web series.

    The series is called Autisable Live.   Our Host is Nick Phillips.   Our goal is to bring together artists and non-profits to encourage people to learn more about Autism, and to get active at a local level.

    We all know the larger organizations, but what about the one right around the corner from you?   What about those that aren't heard from that often?

    That's what this series aim's to do.

    A special thanks to Noah Guthrie, Project Lifesaver International, and Tikko for contributing content and sharing their message through our series.

    Soon we will announce some advertisers and sponsors who want us to continue our efforts.  We want Autisable to continue be a free resource, and we thank our advertisers and sponsors in advance for making this a possibility.

    Thank you for your continued support of Autisable as we strive to bring what is going on in the community to you.

    We will share more about what we will be doing with the website and how to be more active with Autisable in the coming weeks.


    The Autisable Team

August 4, 2015

  • And We're Back!

    Welcome to our upgraded site.

    We're still cleaning things up and getting settled into our new home.

    Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continuing our efforts!

    - The Autisable Team -

August 28, 2013

  • Using Political Capital for the Right Fight

    Another article complaining about the "r" word can be found here at CNN. I know that I have railed against the "r" word and have castigated celebrities for using this word in their tweets, columns and interviews. But the question I ask is when does it become enough? When do you stop whining about words.  Continue reading

  • Autism Light: Joel Manzer


    The first Autism Light post of 2013 is about an individual whose light has shined brightly for the autism blogging community for several years and his efforts and passion are poised to continue to light the way in the new year. Joel Manzer is an autism father from Norfolk, Virginia. His son whom he calls "Short Stack" has autism. Joel Manzer serves as the Lead Editor for Autisable, a blogging community with that was created in May, 2009, and is dedicated to sharing real blogs from people tackling the puzzle of autism. Joel Manzer who describes himself as "just one person among the thousands sharing their stories online" is an Autism Light for his dedication as an autism father and for his vision in leading Autisable today to be a helpful resource on the voices of the diverse autism community.
    Continue reading

August 27, 2013

  • What is Your Favorite Movie all Time?

    Reid has an effective conversation starter.  Whether in the hot tub at our neighborhood pool, on the church patio, or a line at the bank, it works like a charm to engage friends, strangers and countrymen.

    "What is your favorite movie of all time?" he inquires with characteristic enthusiasm.   Continue reading