August 28, 2013

  • Using Political Capital for the Right Fight

    Another article complaining about the "r" word can be found here at CNN. I know that I have railed against the "r" word and have castigated celebrities for using this word in their tweets, columns and interviews. But the question I ask is when does it become enough? When do you stop whining about words.  Continue reading

  • Autism Light: Joel Manzer


    The first Autism Light post of 2013 is about an individual whose light has shined brightly for the autism blogging community for several years and his efforts and passion are poised to continue to light the way in the new year. Joel Manzer is an autism father from Norfolk, Virginia. His son whom he calls "Short Stack" has autism. Joel Manzer serves as the Lead Editor for Autisable, a blogging community with that was created in May, 2009, and is dedicated to sharing real blogs from people tackling the puzzle of autism. Joel Manzer who describes himself as "just one person among the thousands sharing their stories online" is an Autism Light for his dedication as an autism father and for his vision in leading Autisable today to be a helpful resource on the voices of the diverse autism community.
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August 27, 2013

  • What is Your Favorite Movie all Time?

    Reid has an effective conversation starter.  Whether in the hot tub at our neighborhood pool, on the church patio, or a line at the bank, it works like a charm to engage friends, strangers and countrymen.

    "What is your favorite movie of all time?" he inquires with characteristic enthusiasm.   Continue reading

  • Rain With Fireworks

    We live in Northern California where, compared to much of the rest of the world, we don't get a lot of Weather. That means that my son on the spectrum and daughter with sensitivity issues have not had to deal with a lot of rowdiness from Mother Nature.

    About 10 nights ago, an unusual collision of weather fronts took place, with explosive results overhead (see video above; video courtesy of Michael Matson). I've been through storms like this, but not here, or with my kids. As things ramped up, both kids woke up, afraid. My daughter I could hold, and explain some of the science behind what she was seeing. Continue reading

  • Autism on Ice

    When I’m not talking about the autism spectrum, there’s a very good chance that I’m talking about hockey. My hometown Chicago Blackhawks get most of my attention, but I’ll keep a roving eye on most everyone. I’m a diehard fan — as most hockey fans are; it’s really the sort of thing where you either love it or you don’t — and I’ve long suspected the overlap between hockey fandom and the autism spectrum is not insignificant. I also suspect the NHL has an inkling, as their proposals to prospective sponsors are built on trumpeting an audience that is educated, obsessively devoted, and tech-savvy. Not that that sounds like anyone we know.

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  • Epic Parenting Fail

    With summer being here, my alone time is gone. I'm never alone anymore, never without Alex. This means if I want to do what I want to do, if I want to make sure my needs are met, I need to find a new way to do it. I've been trying to live my life with Alex instead of around him.

    My life, as a woman.

    We've worked on our life as a family. We've been taking him new places, trying new things, and including him in our shenanigans for quite some time now with what I think is major success. My fear of losing him, my fear of him getting hurt... my fear is not ruling our life anymore. We've worked on rivers and Alex is comfortable walking in to his knees and sitting down. I even got him in to his chest once. This year we are trying the pool again. Next weekend. Continue reading

August 26, 2013

  • I said UNCLE!

    I can clearly remember as a kid playing that game where you did what you could to hurt the other to the point they would scream out UNCLE! You would stop what you were doing laugh and move on. The marks would fade quickly after and the whole ordeal was a distant memory.
    How I so wish this was the case as an adult. I wish I could just scream UNCLE! and all my worries and troubles would just vanish. I tried that tonight and the stack of bills are still on my table, the hate mail from the VA is still here next to me and the harassing calls are still coming strong.
    I never like to talk about our situation because its such a stupid and well I am not even sure how we got here. Ok well I do but I can't still wrap my head around this. All I know is now we sit here and cross our fingers each day that when we wake up we will have gas and electric and when we get home there isn't a nasty gram from the front office asking once again where our rent is. Good question we would love to know where our money is. We would love to know why the VA finds it ok to take almost 2 years at this point to help compensate my husband for the years of service he provided. 14 years to be exact. How about the housing assistance we should be getting while Chris is in school? How do they get away with this stuff? How about the lovely ex and the state of Tenn that finds it ok to garnish 75% of my husband paycheck every two weeks? I promise when I get these answers I will let those who want our money have what they need.  Continue reading
  • No one is less important than you [Video]

    In this video, I discuss our perceptions and assumptions of people that either can not speak or speak in a way that seems younger or less intelligent than we might think they should.

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  • From Adversity to Advocacy to Change

    How military families from across the U.S. came together to improve ABA care...

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  • Best Autism Books

    It's hard for me to believe that I've read 16 books in my life let alone 16 books relating in some way to autism! When I was a kid the last thing I ever wanted to do was open a book. Alas, as I got older, I matured to trying to set a goal of reading a certain amount of books each year. As an autism advocate for the past several years now I've had the opportunity to read some amazing works by authors within our community. I hope you will take a few seconds to check out the list below and see if any of these books may be something you might want to pick up in the future!  Continue reading